Many locals claim that the Polish language is one of the world’s most difficult to learn. There are so many hard-to-pronounce place-names in Mississippi that it was hard to choose just one. cafard 20 days ago. Eoghan. The 20 UK place names that are hardest to pronounce – and how to say them From Bicester to Llanelli, Britain's towns and landmarks are a 'minefield of mispronunciation' The best place for video content of all kinds. The English language. Bilboa get pronounced as in the Spanish place but locals call it Bill-Bo. Ecclefechan How it will be pronounced: Cee-an-an. To hear these Irish names pronounced, just click on the megaphone icon on the upper left part of the name page and choose Pronounce in English (UK). How it should be pronounced (I think): Well I knew one Seanán who called himself 'Shinawn', but I've also heard it pronounced 'Shawnawn'! Ending -ane is regularly pronounced / ɑː n /, with PALM vowel rather than FACE vowel. Innis-is generally pronounced / ˈ … Not to worry, plenty Irish people don't pronounce names correctly either. So, to make it easier for those coming to the greatest country in the world, here's a handy guide on how to pronounce 15 of the most difficult Scottish place names. Most Irish places have English names originating as anglicised spellings of Irish names. 2)Bilboa. Tinryland gets called tin-ree-land, but it's Tin-rye-land. #25 Worcester, Massachusetts. The best thing is to take the specific place names over there...we can give her a good approximation. And hiccough is 'hic-cup'. This is a set of lists of English personal and place names having pronunciations that are counterintuitive to their spelling because the pronunciation does not accord with conventional spelling/pronunciation associations, or because a better known namesake with the same spelling has a markedly different pronunciation. Meaning: Diminutive of Seán, Irish version of John. Foclóir Gaeilge–Béarla Ó Dónaill, 1977 An Foclóir Beag Ó Dónaill & Ua Maoileoin, 1991 English–Irish Dictionary de Bhaldraithe, 1959 Grammar Pronunciation Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kerry etc are fairly straightforward and well known, outside of that, hit and miss. The same applies to 10 Unpronounceable Irish Baby Names That'll Make the J1 Extra Fun: 1. 1. 3)Tinryland. Many Irish place names are pronounced differently from the way they look. St John, for example, is pronounced 'sin-jun'. Please read the sidebar below for our rules. An Irish-born priest in my home pub keeps trying. Take places here in Carlow: 1)Leighlinbridge. How To Pronounce IRISH; How To Pronounce Irish 'Pro-Life Amendment' How To Pronounce Irish (disambiguation) How To Pronounce Irish (in countries other than Ireland) How To Pronounce Irish (Junior Cert) How To Pronounce Irish (language) How To Pronounce Irish (name) How To Pronounce Irish (people) How To Pronounce Irish (UK) election, 1859 Northern Ireland. But in a small shop in Kenmare last year, I found a neat little pocket book IRISH PLACE NAMES. It is worth noting, however, that different dialects of Irish say things a little differently. The rules of Irish Gaelic spelling are different from those of English. But gives you a phonetic way to pronounce over fifty places around Ireland and Northern Ireland. Some Irish baby names are challenging to pronounce. Search for a word in Irish or English. It's a strange beast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But with our help, you’d be able to pronounce them properly in no time. User account menu • Why are British place names so hard to pronounce? ( 16 points by doener 21 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments: JulesRosser 21 days ago. There are numerous websites that will tell you about the origins of the place names in Ireland, what they mean and what time period they date from. The map men / unfinished London series are great, Jay Foreman is a national treasure. I'm a regular at Irish Gaelic, and we frequently help people with pronunciation. Forget the ‘relatively easy’ Foreigners have a lot of problems pronouncing place names in Ireland too. Press J to jump to the feed. The latter types are known as heterophonic names or heterophones … When the British took over Ireland, they spelled out names phonetically, and thus the three names above became Turlough, Malachy and Finbar. Why are British place names so hard to pronounce? Seanán. Sligo (sly-go) is often mispronounced. These are just some of the commonly mispronounced cities in the USA, there are other Donegal (Dun-ee-gawl) too. Lifestyle Outdoors These are 20 of the hardest place names in Scotland to pronounce Scottish spellings don’t always make a lot of sense. While the language uses most of the letters also prevalent in English, German and French, it is those extra Polish letters (ż, ś, ó, ł, ą, ń, ć, ź, ę) intertwined with a lack of vowels that often cause confusion. Log In Sign Up. 2. Leighlinbridge gets called lay-land-bridge, when it is Lock-lin-bridge. However, Irish is a language all its own, and many names are very difficult to pronounce for foreigners—names like Toirdhealbhach, Maelshechlainn, and Fionnbharr, for example.